A Shift and Progress on a public art project

I have been talking with Aaron and also Brooke and Kate, and we have come to collaborate all together for our final project for Suzanne Lacy's class****

We have discovered that all four of us have been thinking about the use of "radio" for
a future project...

We talked about how we listen to the redio in our cars, and how we could have multiple radiowave trasmiters along a street, which have live sound of different contexts, (maybe the real time sounds of other streets/sound of inside of the stores that are along the street/sound of someone's house/voice of pedestrians/people telling stories about their perosnal atachment or detachment of the context, ..etc) so that a person driving a car along the street would pick up the signal as s/he proceed on the street.
By having multiple stations and transmiters, what the person hears changes as s/he drives around But this is still a sketch and we are not sure exactly what kind of sound we will broadcast, or how and where we will locate the trasmiters.

We have decided to have a Group Blog together to communicate
please check it...


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Christine said...

That sounds really cool. I checked out your group blog, and it looks great - you guys have done a lot of research.