Things that I want to deal with in my art making...

I decided to keep some of my notes in my blog.

Things that I want to deal with in my art making...

Who I am/what I like and why/what interests me and why/
question of what is private and public
my identity within the context of 'public'
my identity as a Japanese
question of ethnicity
analysis and breaking-down of ideological ideas
my idea of art as a life style
act of eating
idea of 'right' 'normal' 'good' and 'beauty'
sense of touch
internet and mutiple identities

connection in between people and the separation in between people
and how the use of language plays out

The fact that English thinking process makes me feel like I have another identity

The limitation of language

the idea of sharing/unifying

responsibility as an artist in a society - connection maker/confronting of every single aspect of life = how honest one can be to heself or himself / bringing of questions by engaging with the viewers through my work /

The power of mass media as a strong social ideology generator. I fear it for making people more and more regressive of themselves.

What can a person do within a life time?

more to be added ...>


Christine said...

Do you an idea of what medium you're leaning toward? I'm very interested to see your next proposal or project. I remember your projects in Sculpture 1 were really creative and reflective.

jedwards said...

ive only seen video work of yours and i think you have potential in that arena. the idea of public can basically be attatched to any realm of art making, so expand the tradtions.
-Jeff Edwards