Damian Wagner's sculpture exhibition opening Sep 27th

my friend Damian is having an opening for his sculpture in Venice.
27th, 5 to 9pm. RSVP required*



Grey Leaves

above the sunlight, through pink bubbles floating underneath,
there i sit in a paddle of sky. foot-less-color-less shoes skip towards me stepping on my finger tips. tingles, tingles, red tingles. Of my left hand, grey leaves soak out. there is a hill on top of my left arm, of grey. i breathe in my hair and it tickles in my throat. a cellular-phone rings to blow away the hill of leaves into the pond of catfish. 00110101001110..... catfish make photo-copies of my leaves, dig a hole deep into the air. the sky splashes into my eyes. i feel the songs of the birds in my ribcage. i shake to fly to the chair de Luné.
foot-less-color-less shoes stare at my ears to tell me of the cheerful doorbell.


こころから、いい加減なあなたへ Imaginary Conversation Book Cover

titile: dear mr. random
author: Shin-jin Bari (true man, harri)
publisher: so-dan sha


in politics, people look for the answer, the one that can solve all the problems that you, i and everyone else has. in politics, people look for the rules to keep things in order so that you, i and everyone else are totally safe.

-who do you think "everyone" is?


Imaginary Conversation Book Cover "if"

title: if
author: Asuka
publisher: so-dan sha (imaginary conversation co.)


-what if i was a boy...what if i could only eat eggs...what if i had all the money i want...what if i could fly...what if i had blue eyes...
what if i did not write a word...what if i did not know what my name sounded like...what if i had never seen myself in a mirror...what if i never asked those questions...

would my life be any better or worse?


security envelope#05

My wife and I went to a picnic on a beautiful sunny day.
There was green that spread out to the horizon. We had the ham and cheese sandwich that my wife made in the morning. We took a walk for a while together. I really loved the way she smiled at me while she was collecting flowers to take home.
Then we encountered a lion. The lion was a very hungry one, and it started chasing us. So my wife and I ran as fast as we can to get a way from the lion. I saw a river in front of us, and there was a little piece of wood that was placed across the river. I ran to the other side of the river and took the wood piece off from the banks so that the lion cannot cross the river. As soon as I realized, my wife was still on the other side of the river. The piece of wood floated away. And I could only stare at it until I could not see it any more.

a confession#036