Public Art Final project update

As for my final project for Public Art with Suzanne Lacy,
I will be working on two different projects, with teo different goups of people.

with Aaron Freeman:

We have decided to work on a project together for the first time, which I think we both have always wanted to do.
At first, we were going to do the project that I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the "floating somen noodle project", but we decided to come up with 'our' project, instead of doing the project that I came up with myself.

We have talked about planting "poppies" in areas that are in 'public' and enclosed and , such as Aaron has done a lot of research on various kinds of plants that contain drug contents since last semester. And I have been interested in drug issues here in America, which I was not familiar with the idea at all when I was in Japan.
But as we were talking about this project, we have realized that the poppies will not be flowering by the end of this semester, and we would like to be able to show somwthing that we can actually "show" to the class. Therefore, we have decided that we will start this project soon, but not for this class.

Than, we started talking about "food", since we are both interested in food. Aaron used to be a chef before and he is a great cook. I am not a good cook but I love eating, and I like the act of eating. We talkedd about how food brings people together, and how it is used as a "tool" for socializing very often. I think we can come up with something with food, or the idea of food.

I will also be working with Brooke Rollo and Kate Stewart on a project.We talked a little bit about our interests. I will post it later. But we still need to get together and talk more.

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