Ballona Creek Info#1.

The site picked for the project is Ballona Creek. The Ballona Creek Watershed totals about 130 square miles, draining the Los Angeles basin from the Santa Monica Mountains on the north, the Harbor Freeway (110) on the east, and the Baldwin Hills on the south.

The major tributaries to the Ballona Creek include Centinela Creek, Sepulveda Canyon Channel, Benedict Canyon Channel, and numerous storm drains.

Maps borrowed from http://www.ballonacreek.org/creek.shtml

Public Art Projects

I am working on a collaborative public art project with Erin Apreston, Esther Feldman, and Chih Yu Lin. This is going to be my second art project in a public setting.

>>In 2004, I went into Ralphs and I picked a customer to follow around, and I bought every single item that she purchased. I had all of my classmates wandering around us (the lady that I picked and myself) , and they had 4 video cameras and 3 digital cameras to document the event. I also had a video camera on my shopping curt. Later of the day, I went home and video taped myself cooking a dinner using all of the items that I purchased.<<<>

Mika Soma Jan. 27. 2006