Hallway fixing

Fixing in general is simply modifying things to the ideal format.
Today I'm fixing the hallway, thought it might be interesting to use it as a place to play as a non-white cube gallery-like space...


We play music at the house

I just started playing the guitar. So hard to press down the strings at the right place. I've learned C G F A Am Em so far. Trying to play "let it be" by the Beatles.

As for instruments, it really makes me realize that my body is sometimes simply a tool for me to find the most efficient way to learn things. The more I practice I get better at it. It's simple. But if I don't continue to learn then your body simply would forget about what you concentrated on for a while.


Practicing Asalato

Home renovation has not started since I got to LA.
I have been playing with instruments; Asalato, Jambi, guitar....So much FUN I love it

I wonder If i can make a CD by mar?