thinking of public art...#1

I intend to execute several projects, which takes the context of 'public' for this semester.
I will decide what I will be doing for my final project before this Thursday.
Those are some of my projects that I am considering to do in the future, whether I will do them this semeter or in the future.

Floating Somen Needle Poject (Performance/Video)
short description:
I would like to eat floating somen needles, which would be floating on a pvc pipe that is cut in half vertically, possiblly at the end of Ballona Creek where the creek and the ocean meat. This is a project that I thought of when thinking more about Ballona Creek project, and thinking about my relationship with the context.
There is a Japanese seasonal custom for summer, where people get together and sit around a bumboo that is cut in half verticaly, and have a constant flow of small amount of water and float somen needles (really thin Japanese needles) from one end to the other, so that the people can catch them as the needles go by with chopsticks.

"Akai-ito" Project ~ continued
I intend to go to many other places to do my "Akai-ito" (A Red String) Project.
Considering places in America : Las Vegas, Hollywood Blvd, Desneyland, 3rd Street in Santa Monica, The Getty Museum, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills...
I will be doing this project in Japan also this summer, probably in May or June.

Wrong Number Project
I would like to call random people and try to have a conversation with total straingers.

Trip to Nowhere Project
Derived from the idea of chance operation which John Cage dealt with in his practice, I would like to have no aimed arrival point and take a road trip. Turns will be decided by a rolled pencil which has 'left', 'right', and 'U-turn' on its sides, at any point that I have to stop. The duration of the project is ideally one week, but I would like to at least try a day.

more ideas will be posted....

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jedwards said...

i like the trip to nowhere project. very situationist. maybe you could find some literature on the derive and get some ideas.
-Jeff Edwards