My interests in Senses and Textures***

I have been thinking about candy lately because my partner has been doing very interesting things with gummies and hard candies. (I am not telling the detail*)
But what interests me is how pretty it is, and its connotations of childhood and sexuality.
The hard candy that he made was so beautiful. I think its beauty can be used in some interesting ways in making art.
But I just happened to get some marshmallows from my friend Nick, and I was telling him how I never really liked its taste, but I have alwasy loved how it feels on my finger tips and cheeks.
Maybe I should make some marshmallow to play with.

Its texture resembles that of a "daifuku-mochi". A soft sweet red bean paste covered with mochi, which is coated with very fine flower. I love how this feels also.
Daifuku matress, daifuku garmet, daifuku person.....

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