I dont want art to be as special as right now...

Today, I was listening to an artist who was giving a lecture at Otis, and he both inspired me and also discouraged me a lot at the same time for saying that he does not care about outside the art-world audience because 'normal people' just do not get it.
But my concern in art making is to break through that kind of distancing of people by separating people by the idea of "insiders" and "outsiders". I am also concerned about closed-mindness of humans. I often find myself trying to find out some ways to smudge the line in between art and life. I want to make something that may be called "art" that doesn't limit the audience. I want to make something that maybe called "art" that brings positive questions for the audience. I want to generate the potential bond in between people through my creations as a part of the world.

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