"Moon Without Rabbits"

"Moon Without Rabbits" writing mika soma 2006

World without monkeys. Make marshmallow-bricks and build a soft, sweet, wall to block a view. Mortared crane flies over salty water. A suspended floor dripping over an ugly cake. A tightly connected scarf choking us to death. It scratches in my eyes and they pop out. Tomato juice is too green to me. The sun floats through shattered windows. Boil-Boiled-Boiled. Hard, heavy clouds fall down to the earth. Shadows grow into the sky. Kuramubon kuramubon, I want to see kuramubon. Childhood dream. A vast rice-cracker-fields over that marshmallow walls. Dirt-Driter-Dritest. A mouse takes me to the other side. Very far, and very close. Luke warm breeze stabs through my ears to deaf. Wavy and static voice calm my pulse. #? or $? A rooster with a secret-key-shaped beak. The day watcher looks at the Moon without rabbits. Excessive use of drier in June. Treasure of the island. The corner shrinks to spread. A shaking dog sleeps on a melting roof for tomorrow to Come-Came-Come. Fill the bowl with a bunch of universe. Vacuum the wethers out of a Luis Vuitton bag. Traces of airplanes. Ichigo-shoto hitotsu onegai shimasu. (One strawberry cake please.)

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