"More shoes, more boots and more garlic!" by Herzog

I am a big fan of Herzog as a person.
I was going to post this on my blog for all the image makers, film makers and artists,
but i think that anyone should watch this and listen to this person talk anyways.

This was taken in 1980. There was no internet, no Youtube videos, no blogs, no space for ordinary people to get their images out their. So Herzog's mission to generate more and more images for the civilization problems in the world made so much sense as a film maker back in the 80's, and I admire his intension very much.

But it's 2008, now everyone can be a film maker, writer, jernalist, an image producer all over the world. This is a s tart of everyone to become producers of one's own culture.

Yet, in this super mediated world that we live in, people are not expected to become producer of their own culture, but merely consumers of products lined up for them to give them the false idea of what freedom is to them.

I am interested in where we are going in terms of film making. Imagery makers like film makers and artists now have to challenge themsleves a lot more to keep their titles as image makers. Jobs titles are just another label to your identity though. There are many people who make amazing images but not call them selves film maker or artist.

Werner Herzog Eat His Shoes (1980)

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