My Sweet Nintendo話。

I went into a small gift shop after I had my gyros meal during my lunch break,
then I found this. -Nintendo controller....not.
it's a container with "Nintendo Super Mints". it was only 3 bucks so i instantly grabbed it.

this reminds me, i absolutely LOVED Super Mario, the very first one.
I liked playing the game myself too, but I liked it more when my dad was playing it because he would beat the game so fast!

My mom had told me that i used to cry so much for unclear reasons when i was little.
In the middle of the night, my parents would wake up because of their daughter crying so hard,
and so long. It sometimes lasted for a good 2 hours straight.
But they couldn't figure out why. -why is our daughter crying every single night?-
Then what they came up with, to stop me from crying was,
to wake my dad up, and he would start the Nintendo and start playing Mario before me.
It worked.
My eyes would be nailed to the TV screen where Mario is kicking ass.
I would watch my dad play the game for a little bit, and soon fall a sleep because i am tired from crying hard. On the other hand, my dad can't go back to bed because by the time i'm back in my bed, he is in the Super Mario world.

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